Who are we?

5th Lobe Systems is an independent Information Technology and Support services company based in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in a number of different aspects of computer hardware and software to help our clients, both residential and commercial,  negotiate the various facets of information technology.

What does 5th Lobe represent?

5th Lobe is a reference to the theoretical 5th Lobe of the brain. The brain naturally has 4 cerebral lobes; frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. The 5th lobe of the brain would be the Technological Lobe, and would be a functional extension of the brain. Anything from your personal computer to your cell phone or even a tablet could be considered part of your 5th lobe.

What is our goal?

It is our goal as a company to provide customers with the highest standard of customized personal IT services. We not only give you the best value for your dollar, but we also prefer to take the time to educate or clients in technology and provide a better understanding of the digital world we live in.