Building a website is no small task. Even some of the most tech savvy of people can get frustrated with the process. The following is a general guide to how one goes about building a website and some of the terminology used.

     To begin with, it's important to get a conceptual grasp of the structure of a website. Typically websites have a the following elements:

  • Domain
  • Host
  • Content Management System
  • Content

The following diagram generically shows the path to a website from a computer or device with a web browser:

     If the above diagram seems intimidating, don't worry it's easy when apply it to something in real life. Realistically one can think of building a website like starting a business. One may consider the following aspects when starting a business:

  • First, the business needs a name. (Domain)
  • Second the business needs a location to exist. (Host)
  • Third the business needs a way to display its product. (Content Management System)
  • Finally the business needs product to display. (Content)


     The business name, as it is related to a website, is called a domain name which is part of a websites web address. The domain name takes the form of the familiar which is part of the web address which is the full For example, the company Acme Widgets may have a website with the domain name and have a web address of

     The way you obtain a domain is by purchasing it from a Domain Name Registrar, or more commonly referred to as just a Registrar. There are numerous Registrars out there. Some examples of places you can purchase a domain name are GoDaddy, Google Domains, 1and1, Squarespace, and Networks Solutions

     Another thing to know about purchasing a domain name is that who you purchase it from may or may not offer DNS hosting. Without going in to much detail, DNS stands for Domain Naming Server and hosting for it simply means that there are records kept that point people who request your domain name to the place your website exists. Without DNS hosting a website domain has no where to point to and there for cannot show a website. Fortunately most Registrars offer DNS hosting with your domain purchase.