Server Specs

Chasis Dell XPS 420
CPU Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
RAM 8GB DDR2 PC2-6400


OS Debian 9 64-bit
Server Contact

Server Admin is Erin of the Tribe 5thLobe
Secondary Admin is Espas of the Tribe 5thLobe

The server is located in Tucson, Arizona within the continental United States of America

Admin Email is
Server Settings

Server Name: 5thLobeServer-Ragnarok
Server Play is
Using Map 
Offline Raid Protection is
Player Map Location is Enabled
PvP Structure Decay is On
Max No. of Players is set to 75
Player Max Level is 175
Difficulty is set to 6.67 (max wild dino ~ 200)
ARK Data Downloads are Disabled
Rates are set to 3x Harvesting 3x Taming
Experience and 4x Breeding and Maturation
Currently Modded using Classic Flyer Mod


Server Schedule

Server automatically updates daily at 2:00AM (AZ Mountain Standard Time).

2 hour, 1 hour, 30 minute, 15 minute and 10 minute warnings
are broadcast before server update
process begins.

From Wednesday at 2am to Thurday at 2am AZ Time
is Hump Day 6x bonus Taming, Harvesting, and Experience

Evolution Weekend begins at
2:00AM on Friday, and concludes at
2:00AM on Monday

Taming, Harvesting and Experience
are also boosted to 6x during these weekend events.



3/23/2018 - PATCH #279.225: Temporary issue with the Argentavis and Classic Flyer Mod - PLEASE READ!!!

Some of you may have logged in and noticed that your tamed Argentavis has had upgrade points refunded and the Classic Flyer Mod no longer seems to affect it....


According to the Mod Developers Steam Workshop page (, support for the Argentavis will be dropped until such time as the assets for it are added to the dev-kit. It is expected to be added within weeks which means eventually your tamed Argentavis may, We repeat MAY, get its Classic Flyer Mod effects back. Exactly how the re-implementation of the argie will effect current assets is unknown, but if the opportunity to spend the points back into speed becomes available again, it would be wise to hold on to your upgrade points.


We just want to remind players that this server is a PVP server. While the admins reserve the right to intervene if things get out of hand, players are free to attack one another as they see fit, without reason or provocation. This means that admin commands will not be used to intervene in player conflicts unless the conflict works to undermine the positive growth of the server community (i.e. a mega-alliance forms and constantly bullies the newer and weaker players to push them off the server). This also means that it is considered legitimate gameplay to completely wipe out the admin's tribe, aptly named 5thLobe, as we are also players, and in that also have to deal with player conflict and competition.

3/18/2018 - About Wednesday's "Weekend Play" Status

Since we realize people work for a living, we gave a few bonus Wednesdays in the beginning to help certain players cope with offsets in availability and the 6x bonus weekend. As time progressed we noticed that the Wednesdays attracted quite a few players to the server more often. For the time being hump day will retain its bonus status for the forseeable furture unless the server community decides otherwise. We always keep an open mind to change so if you have an opinion one way or another about this then please tell us by emailing the above admin address or take the following straw poll....

Click Here To Take our Straw Poll


2/12/2018 - 5th Lobe's Ark Server is now online hosting Ragnarok. Check out the trailer HERE!

Server Rules

While the administrators reserve the right to make any changes we see fit, our role as administrators is simply to maintain server hardware and promote the integrity of software operation. We do not wish to interfere with the natural progression of relationships between players within the community. This means that the rules of the server are up to you the players. After all it is your game. However, there are a few things that will prompt some sort of action from the administrators:
1.) If you are using cheats, abusing glitches or are in anyway attempting to circumvent the intended function of the hardware or software we have provided, you will be banned permanently. We may also report you to Steam which can result in a VAC ban.
2.) If a large tribe, series of allied tribes or an alpha tribe are behaving in a tyrannical way or attempting to deploy strong arm tactics that are intended to diminish the potential for positive growth in the community, such individuals may be subjected to punishment. This may include a temporary or permanent ban from our systems.
3.) Any behavior that is considered a crime under the law which governs this server will not be tolerated. Furthermore, if it becomes necessary, the administrators of this server reserve the right to provide any and all assistance to law enforcement in the pursuit, arrest and prosecution of illegal acts using systems we have provided.